SOURCEEASY is a tech-enabled web platform to source Custom Apparel.

At our heart, we’re a hybrid – a technology company with a sourcing DNA.

The Deloitte Consulting Report of July 2013 on Retail states that Private label apparel is a $1 Trillion Market globally. Third party manufacturing powers almost every apparel brand in the world. However, there are large portions of this industry that still remain antiquated, backward and unreliable.

The need for Sourceeasy arose from many years of working as a manufacturer of apparel for large US Importers.

Finding customers is actually the easy part. Understanding their business is the fun part. That’s where you built the relationship.

But where the relationship got really stressful was in the 2 C’s we went through every day: Communication and Coordination.

From the time you got a sample / product tech pack to work on a price, the average order takes between 100 and 200 emails to start production. Most of the time spent in negotiating the price, revising the specifications, adjusting the quantities, understanding the nuances of the product – which leads to getting to production level agreement can be eliminated by a single thread to discuss a product.

Approvals are currently manual (Yes, Still paper and rubber stamp!!), feedback is often delayed by days or weeks, and sample iterations can be 6-8 week processes. Aside from this, incorporating changes from sample feedback, confirming design or style changes and/or adjusting specs can create multiple copies of the same product leading to a different copy of the same product specs in different places. The Designer will have one, The Merchant will have one, The Supplier will have one, and the Factory will have one. Most times this information is scattered, disjointed, dated and inconsistent. Having a single product page with the latest version of the specs, along with the revision history eliminates this.

Most buyers will tell you horror stories about how the factories are not responsive, that they do not share information transparently, that they are unable to meet sample or production delivery deadlines, that they do not inform the customer about potential delays before they happen, And that they are extremely uncooperative if the order hits a snag anywhere. Having an operations team on the ground to submit pictures, reports, and updates twice a week helps you sleep well at night.

Once production is completed, the main reason Buyers don’t trust new factories with large orders is Quality Assurance. Usually there’s no cross border redressal, and both parties will go off to lick their wounds in case one or the other’s been burnt. Factories too are wary of customers who purchase product but don’t pay on time or even at all, and are loathe to despatch goods without full payment. Having a cross border team that resolves disputes actively and acts as a meeting ground smoothes these situations over.

One of the largest trends sweeping across eCommerce, offline Brands and Apparel retail in general is customization. Designers in big brands, Buyers with large companies, are quickly realizing that there is a way to produce apparel that serves an active need in a niche. However, finding a sustainable, sensibly priced manufacturing source proves to be a nightmare. Low Minimums, Complicated Design, No Sensitivity, and Lack of Trust are huge hindrances to moving production overseas. Having a local presence, an online tech platform and offering a capital guarantee along with complete fulfillment oversight helps us work with emerging designers. 

For a lot of these customers, we’re helping them bring product to market at 30-70% less than it would cost them domestically.

Many brands face issues post-production when goods land at their warehouse. Either the style doesn’t sell through, or the goods are late, or they sold very well and reorders are unable to come by. In these cases, they’d either turn to local manufacturers, or have to lose out on valuable working capital and sales due to long turns. Creating custom merchandising programs with custom fabrics sourced on our clients behalf to produce orders on demand in under 4 weeks with airfreight deliveries for immediate requirements / reorders helps our customers spend wisely and stay agile, even mid-season

That’s Sourceeasy.

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