Further to my previous post, I wish to further explain exactly we are building with Sourceeasy.

Firstly, I’d like to say that almost all of my work and my focus revolves around making procurement / sourcing / merchandising / manufacturing easier. That’s my “Raison d’Etre”.

Sourceeasy is a wholesale procurement / sourcing / manufacturing service that not only allows you to buy small quantities of apparel / home furnishings with custom labels but also manufactures, packs it, and delivers it to your doorstep.

We are building Sourceasy in 2 phases.

1st: Offline Phase. All of Year 2013.

Sourceasy was in the offline stage as of Jan 2014.

  • On the merchandise front, We are already working with a select group of customers, in India and in USA, for whom we are executing custom orders using difficult-to-find fabrics, trims, and styles.
  • We are also executing corporate / promotional clothing orders for customers strictly on a word-of-mouth basis. This is a basis for what we hope to create as custom “just-in-time” sourcing programs for large corporate workwear / uniform needs across the world.
  • We hope to become the “outsourced merchandising arm” of new eCommerce ventures until they can order on their own, and/or be the fulfilment partner of choice for small brands, small merchants, designers, value-conscious T-Shirt manufacturers.
  • At the other end of the supply chain, we will help large retailers, large eCom players and big stores become more nimble, more profitable and less dependent on seasonal sales. We will help them cut inventory, decide quicker, base stocks on sales, work with them to speed up reorders and enable them to run “Fast Fashion” sales to reduce latency in inventory.
  • Along the way, contributed expertise and my other business ventures have allowed me to spread horizontally into sourcing adjacent categories as well as more diverse categories for partner firms.

2nd: Online Phase. We launched Feb 19, 2014

With these orders, We will create our business logic based on which, we will create an online “Sourcing As A Service” (Sorry its not a tech word, rather a new hybrid term) platform we will build for our customers out there.

  • This will be supplemented by a state of the art warehousing, cataloging system, where we will purchase, store and warehouse our own fabric from around the world, on our customer’s behalf, ready to be produced at a moments notice. The trick here will be to store world-class fabric that we will never have any cash-loss positions on, even if they go unsold to apparel / furnishing buyers.
  • The execution of orders will happen through a well-managed systematised group of outsourced facilities coupled with controlled sampling and production management facilities that can scale up or down depending on requirements.
  • Delivery and fulfilment will be done through a network of 3PL partners
  • The final packaging and inspection will be done in house.
  • While we may call it an online platform, we’ll employ 100s of gnomes, goblins, elves and pixies to work feverishly to deliver a cutting-edge service to buyers around the world.

By keeping our customer’s raw material stocks, we offer predictability, transparency, quality and assurance on delivery.

By never owning our own fabrication facilities, we ensure we do not load our overheads and inefficiencies on the customer.

We hope to build a strong, robust fulfillment engine that can deliver product predictably, efficiently and cost-effectively anywhere in the world.

Best Regards,