Dear Users,

Since we asked you to sign up for Private Beta Access, we’ve received 139 signups. For a B2B textiles manufacturing service, that’s a lot.

We thank you for being curious.

During this time we’ve been busy. With our first limited beta release, we have a few specific objectives in mind:

The TECH PACK is the Atomic Unit of the Sourceasy Web App.

A Tech Pack is the information document for a style. All the specifications, the construction, the decorations, the colors, the packing and the accessories / trims are described in this document.

We will build every single aspect of our application, our business, our communication, our coordination and our messaging around the Tech Pack.

In many cases, portions of this techpack may be invisible to the customer. This is because we’ll be setting up templates with pre-filled parts of the template with inputs that are standardised so it takes the guesswork out of creating an order.

At we’ve created a 2 page checkout for your promotional / startup / event Tees / Hoodies requirements – Those are pre-filled tech packs that need the minimum basic input to complete your custom apparel order.

The Customer can control how advanced their designs can be.

Sourceasy is designed to be inclusive. not rigid. We welcome and work with veteran designers, experienced buyers and merchandisers, professional manufacturers, fashion experts, and high fashion gurus.

But we also work with first time fashion designers; niche eCommerce brands; startup brands; startup founders who need apparel; event managers who need Tees on the fly; Hotel Operators / QSR managers who need to order uniforms. And they are not sophisticated apparel buyers. Yet, their production will need a tech pack as well.

So our product lets you fill and complete the tech pack to the best of your abilities. We’ll complete the rest and ensure your garments fit well. And are built to conform to international standards.

You can build as many enquiries as you want.

Tinkering with a design idea? Trying to finalise your line? Need to build your line in stages? Designing from inspiration?

Sourceasy lets you build your techpack in stages, in parts, as and when you’re comfortable. If you need help, hit the “Help Me” button. We’ll reach out and proactively help you complete the tech pack.

We’re here to understand your business. And help you manufacture clothing in a sustainable, easy, cost effective manner.

We’re not perfect. We seek your feedback

If something’s broken, or not working, please tell us. Yell at us. Get angry with us. Offer us brutally honest feedback. We’ll do everything we can to resolve the issues. To delight you.

I look forward to welcoming you to our platform.

Very Soon. Thanks for your patience.

– Pranay Srinivasan