Sourceasy has been a chain linked company since Day One. Rigid values coupled by flexible attitudes.

Sourceasy has 11 employees across 4 locations in India, and 2 employees in 1 location in USA. Moving forward, we’ll be adding 3 more to our team across 1 additional location in USA, and 3 more in 1 additional location in India. We’ll have decision makers in each location, who will be empowered to take operational calls at the right time and push the business forward. Our hierarchy is loosely coupled around rigid values. Customer success is paramount. Our relentless focus on productivity is complemented by our laidback attitude to work culture – Work from home, work from wherever.. Just get the work done.

Sourceasy’s platform is being built around an architecture that communicates using internal API calls between 4 different systems. Our systems are loosely coupled to ensure greater flexibility, speed and reliability. We’re able to scale up at a moments notice. Because we’re dealing with confidential, really valuable client data, we’re rigid about safety and data security, but we’re flexible about communication within the systems and have the coupling between servers to recover quickly.

Our focus on a flexible adaptable seamless software experience is contrasted by our rigid need for Strong Customer Security, a great infrastructure, and robust processing.

Sourceasy’s vendors and customers are built around open, transparent, honest relationships. Our customers are offered unparalleled flexibility, both in terms of designs, and in terms of order quantities. Our vendors are offered great value in terms of capacity, price and scale. We are not beholden to any single vendor so we can rapidly shift business, scale up to meet demand, and/or scale back in case of lower demand.

We’re rigid on quality standards, vendor compliance, and have stern views on pilferage, bribery and design plagiarism, our supply chain is also loosely coupled to client demand and does not incur expensive fixed overheads.

Rigid values create our structure, but Flexible processes help us mould and adapt that structure to an ever changing business.