The Sourceeasy Timeline


We believe in transparency and sharing our working process with you. From concept to delivery our teams work through a series of steps to make your ideas a reality.


The outline of our process below:


Creative Stage 2-3 weeks

This is when you meet with our design and product development teams in NYC and LA and brainstorm your idea, making sure to cover all the important details. If you need a checklist of where to start, read about How to Do your Homework Here. This meeting can be in person or virtually, depending on where you live.

Things to bring for your first team meeting:

  • sketches or design idea
  • Inspiration photos
  • Target costs (learn more about this HERE)
  • Ideal fabrics
  • Color palette
  • Branding
  • Labeling
  • Details, including specific functionality of your garment

Design Stage   2-3 weeks

Our design team uses the product brief to sketch and CAD your designs and create a Visual Line Plan (VLP). Once you approve the VLP we move forward to the next stage.

Pre-Production Stage 8-10 weeks

The pre-production stage is where the bulk of the work happens,  and we stay in close contact with you during this phase. Your quick responses get quicker turn arounds.  

  • Week 1-2: Tech packs, patterns and your first sample are created.
  • Week 3: You receive your first fit sample in the closest available fabric.
  • Week 3-4: You conduct a video fitting, an in person fitting or a virtual fitting with our team, mark your sample and then send back to us.
  • Week 1-4: We send you sample fabrics and trims to choose from.
  • Week 4: You select your fabrics of choice. 
  • Week 4-6: You select trims, labels and tags for your garments.
  • Week 6: We send you a version of the corrected second sample.  This sample you can either “approve” or you can mark any changes you’d like to see and write “correct and proceed”. You then send this sample back to us.
  • Week 7: Production costs are finalized, lab dips and/or strike-offs are received and approved, if your production had required these. 
  • Week 8: After all approvals, you sign a production order (PO), and we are ready to make sales samples if needed.


Production Phase   8-10 weeks

  • Week 1-2: With the signing of your PO, and once we receive a 50% deposit, we buy your fabrics, trims and all other collateral.
  • Week 5: Materials arrive at factory**
  • Week 6: Your PP (pre-production) sample arrives from factory in your final fabric for your final approval. You must submit approval or any corrections within 48 hours to stay on schedule.
  • Week 6: Production begins
  • Week 8: Our in-house team performs a Quality Assurance check of your production
  • Week 8-10: Your production is shipped, duties are paid and handled, and you received your finished production. All pre-packaged the way you instructed, so you are ready to jump into your sales. 

**custom milled or dyed fabrics may take more time 


For more information on how we can help you, contact us!