Stage: Design Stage

Time: 2-3 weeks

Requires: Your initial input and approval


The VLP, or Visual Line Plan is the first step toward bringing your ideas into focus, and creating your product. In fact, our pre-production process begins only after we have jointly collaborated,  and you have signed off on a VLP. Your VLP is the final details for your line, so it is important to solidify all of the details. 

What's needed for a visual Line Plan

What’s needed for a visual Line Plan

Working collaboratively with you, our Account Management Team completes a comprehensive product brief to hand off to our Product Development department. Be prepared to answer questions about the style and functionality of your design, your preferred fabrics, colors, sizing for your target market, your ideal target costs and any branding that would be relevant for your labels and hangtags.  All of this information, including inspiration images or reference garments you may have brought us, is used to make your Visual Line Plan (VLP).  Your VLP consists of CAD sketches we prepare for each of your designs, as well as general color direction and initial fabric direction. If we have direction for collateral such as care labels and hangtags, we will also include that in the VLP.

What's in a VLP

What’s in a VLP

For example, a 12 style line might include:

3 woven tops, each with an inspiration image or garment

5 knit tops, each with an inspiration image or garment

2 woven bottoms, each with an inspiration image or garment

2 knit bottoms, each with an inspiration image or garment

This is an example of a VLP we’ve made:

VLP example

It’s fun to see your idea brought to life in visual form. Here you will be able to see all of your ideas come together, and have the opportunity to check or change any details before we start sampling. This helps for everyone to be on the same page, and we can ensure we are making you a product you have agreed to and meets all of your requirements. We require for you to approve the VLP by signing off and agreeing to all the product details laid out within its pages. 

Once the VLP is approved, the pre-production clock starts ticking!