At Sourceeasy we like to be as transparent as possible about our processes. So we have provided you with a timeline for our pre-production and production stages.


We divide up production into 4 distinct phases:  

The Creative Stage

The Design Stage

The Pre-production Stage  

The Production Stage


The stages are divided up based on the time each stage takes to complete.

In our last post, we walked you through the details of “The Creative” and “ The Design Stage” . We introduced how our team works to build your VLP and how this finalizes your designs and takes you into the next stage: Pre-production.

The Pre-production Stage

This stage is super important for you and your business. To keep things efficient and fast, make sure you are prompt in your responses so we can move this process along. Below is a list of each stage in the pre-production process:

Weeks 1-2 Tech packs, patterns and your first proto samples
Week 3 You receive your First Protos
Weeks 3-4 Send us back your fit session info & comments. A video fitting is preferred, where you tape your fitting or we can provide web based software to facilitate this. We need you to send back the first protos, pinned or marked for corrections, for us to continue to work on your corrections.
Weeks 1-4 You receive fabric swatches, images of trims, and will work with our team to develop collateral.
Week 4 Approve your final fabric
Weeks 4-6 Approve your trims and collaterals
Week 6 You receive second proto. These samples are usually in production fabric, but may be in “available” colors, not production colors.
Second Fit comments are needed; the goal is approval or “correct and proceed” for each individual style.
Weeks 6-7 Production Costs are finalized
Lab Dips and/or strike-offs received and approved (if required)
Weeks 7-8 We finalize tech pack and pattern corrections
Week 8 All is approved and ready for PO to go into production
Ready for Sales Sample Production (if needed)


Type of Samples

This stage is awesome, because you get to see a physical representation of your garments. Now the first proto you receive is a sample of your design made in the closest available fabric we have on hand. Consider this first proto a rough draft. It’s purpose is for you to understand the fit, shape and drape of your design in the physical.  Don’t panic if it’s not exactly how you imagined. You get two more samples before we finalize for production. Here’s a look at the types of sample below:


Types of SE Samples

Types of SE Samples


After samples are approved and costing is finalized, we move on to production!

The Production Stage

Once you’re ready for bulk production, we require a 50% deposit to along with your Purchase Order (PO), and then the remaining 50% is due upon delivery. All quoted prices are LDP, meaning “landed duty paid”, so there are no hidden charges or hassles with importation, duties or customs.


Week 1 PO & Deposit received
Week 2 Bulk fabric & trims & collateral ordered
Week 5 All materials arrive at factory
Week 5-6 PP Sample from factory arrives; please approve or submit comments within 48 hours!
Week 6 Production begins at factory
Week 8 Quality Assurance
Week 8-10 Bulk Production shipment


Keep in mind that these times are estimates! Actual time is based on how well quickly you respond and work with us.

This is the Sourceeasy way, you bring us your ideas and we do the rest! No hidden cost, hassles or fees.